Sunday, April 22, 2018

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Happy birthday to Sean Bean, aka Ned Stark, who turns 59 today.  

So who should get sucked into the whole tRUMP Cohen investigation?  Sean Hannity!!  Turns out he has been outed as one of only three clients Cohen has had in recent years.  No one has been more vocal about the raids on Cohen's office, apartment, post office box, etc, than Hannity.  Now we know why.  Who knows what juicy stuff will come out on him in the near future.  

Over the weekend UN Ambassador Nikki Haley used photos of dead children to justify the bombing of Syrian chemical plants.  Where are the pictures of the dead from Parkland, Florida, or Sandy Hook elementary school?  Why are we bombing another country for their atrocities when we can't police our own?  Are their children more important than ours or is this some kind of political bullshit move against Russia and Iran??

Saturday, April 14, 2018

"The United States strongly stands against the use of chemical weapons against innocent men, women, and children." 

I won't miss Paul Ryan when he's gone.  The rumor is that he is leaving now to get out from under tRUMP to strengthen his run for president in 2024.  

Oh how the tables have turned!!!
This meme is very true.  I called Frontier the other day after receiving an email saying that I could raise my wifi from 75/75 to 150/150.  (whatever that means)  So I called and told the lady on the line that I was surprised to find out that my $285 bill each month didn't give me the best product they offered. When all was said and done, I was able to boost my wifi and save $90.00 a month.  But they wouldn't have done it unless I called.  So give your internet provided a call and see if they can save you some money.  They won't call you.