Friday, November 27, 2015

Its really too bad that the bench seat had to go away.  There was nothing better than having your girl sitting next to you as you drove down the street.  You can see all the room there was.  Now all cars have a center console and tons of gadgets.

That would be me actually.  I smile at perfect strangers and most smile back.  Some look surprised, others just move one.  I usually add a cheerful good morning or hello, which catches may by surprise. 

Good to know!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I pulled a muscle in my chest coughing yesterday.  It hurts to move around much.  It's a bitch to get old. 

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Kate Hudson's mom, actress, director, writer, producer, and singer, Goldie Hawn, who turns 70 years young today. 

Goldie may be best remembered as the silly blonde on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" from 1968 to 1970.

Goldie has also been in movies such as "Private Benjamin," "Death Becomes Her," and "Cactus Flower," which she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. 

Goldie has been married twice and has three children and five grand children.  She has been in a relationship with actor Kurt Russell since 1983.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Wednesday!!

The Steps of Life

The steps of one’s life aren’t ever evenly matched,
allowing one to skip lackadaisically from one to the next,
to meander along like a spring garden path,
or saunter dreamily along a moonlit promenade.
What fun would that be?
Where would the challenge be?

Nay, the steps of life are meant to make one leap joyously
from one step to the next, each leap a different length
than the next, each surface a different consistency than the last,
each landing filled with the promise of new beginnings,
answers to old questions, and hints of what is around the
next corner. 

The steps of life are to be taken with gusto, a flourish, some might
even say a madcap enthusiasm.  Each step lived to the fullest with
its people, places, and adventures, presented before you in a
tapestry  of colors and sounds, a cornucopia of tastes and smells. 
Step up!
Move on!
Live life!
And remember;the handrails are for sissies!!  
--Ken Ferguson--
Artisat di Parole

Monday, November 16, 2015

I've been battling a cold all weekend, one that has ravaged through our house like a wild fire. So, as you know, I write about what effects me, here are my symptoms as I see 'em. LOL

A Sick Man’s Lament

I caught a bad cold and I’m coughing like crazy.
Losing my voice now and feeling quite lazy.
Head feeling stuffy, nose running amok,
Overall I feel I’ve been hit by a truck.

I’m coughing like a seal from down deep in my chest,
I’m heading back to bed so’s to get me some rest.
I’m under the covers; peeking out in despair,
Hackin’ and coughin’ and gasping for air.

I can’t get to sleep as I toss and I turn,
My fever is rising causing me great concern.
Sweatin” and shiverin’, my destiny quite clear,
I’m sick as a dog; near my end I doth fear. 

Oh I know what you’ll say; put a stop to your whinin’,
You’re not that sick, and for sure you ain't dyin’.
It’s just a bad cold, one that everyone goes through,
You’re just actin’ crazy, stop singin’ the blues.  

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole