Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Birthday to one of my favs, actress Elisabeth Judson Shue, who turns 51 years young today. 

Elisabeth is married to director Davis Guggenheim and they have three children. 

Elisabeth is one of my favs for her roles in "Back to the Future," and "The Saint."

Elisabeth has a BA degree in political science from Harvard.

Elisabeth is currently starring in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."
"The Saint" with Val Kilmer

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Enough is Enough

When we will say that enough is enough.
We’re sick and tired of all of this stuff.
Another school shooting; ten people are dead.
Another place of learning was just sprayed with lead.

Guns don’t kill people the experts will scream,
“Coming for my guns” is Obama’s big scheme.
The 2nd Amendment is all that they need,
It doesn’t make a difference how many people bleed. 

But we’re not under attack; a militia doesn’t seem needed,
None of the states, to my knowledge, have seceded.
The Russians aren’t forming at our borders to attack,
Our military is the greatest, that’s a fact Jack.

Politicians don’t care; it’s elections that matter,
They’re not affected by a little blood spatter.
They’ll give their speeches and show their dismay,
Then have their hands out to the powerful NRA.

Guns, like our cars, seem to need regulation,
A license and insurance shouldn’t cause indignation.
Let’s take the first step and make guns more secure,
The average gun owner will surely concur.

For the sake of our kids, it’s about time for a change,
Our schools should be safe, not a damn shooting range.
It’s time to stand up and shout enough is enough,
I’m sick and tired of all of this stuff. 
--Ken Ferguson-- 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Could get some rain this weekend!!  Yeah!!


When you’re walking through the lot,
It wasn’t yours, it matters not.
Pick up that discarded piece of trash,
Your decision might seem quite rash.
Your friends will think of you as weird,
But the trash has disappeared.

Take a second to make a difference,
You’ll feel better for your assistance.
The guy who left it was such a jerk,
His responsibilities he surely shirked.
But stepping over it makes you as bad,
You may set an example for some young lad. 

We often ask, “What can I do?”
“I’m only one,” of this it’s true.
Pick up some trash, though it’s not yours,
Grasp the opportunity when it occurs.
To make the world a better place,
And live together with love and grace. 
--Ken Ferguson--

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Jennifer "Jenna" Mary Elfman nee Butala, who turns 44 years young today. 

Jenna is married to actor Bodhi Elfman and they have two sons. 

Jenna was born in Los Angeles and attended Cal State Northridge.

Jenna is best know for her role as "Dharma" in the 1997 TV series "Dharma & Greg."  She starred in that series for five years completing all 119 episodes.

The Cast of "Dharma & Greg"


There’s a briskness in the evening air. Summer’s last heat will soon
give way to cooler days and chilly nights.  The leaves are turning pumpkin
orange and blazing red, with glimpses of mustard yellows  and leather browns
thrown in.  Crispy crunchy leaves have given up their fight and fallen quietly
to the ground to be turned into mulch for mom’s garden.

Steaming pumpkin lattes are popping up on menu boards and Monday Night
Football is on the big screen in the local sports bar.  Baseball’s World Series
is just around the corner, crowning a champion after another long season, and ice
hockey players are sharpening their skates in preparation for their drive to the
Stanley Cup.

The nearby high school football players are looking forward to Friday evenings as
they square off against their cross-town rival and go to the homecoming dance
with their sweetie.  Cheer leaders are practicing their death defying routines of jumps
and throws for the home town crowds, and cross country runners are putting in mile
after mile on their lonely quest for the best time on the three-mile course. 

Autumn brings many changes to the world as we know it.  Time to put away shorts
and sandals and get out the sweaters and long pants.  Time to break out the wool caps
and scarfs, often times in our favorite sports team’s colors.  Time to look ahead to
Halloween trick or treaters, Thanksgiving family meals, and the madness that has become
the Christmas Season.   

Perhaps it’s a time to take stock in what has transpired in your life these last twelve months. A
time to consider a big decision in your life such as having a child, buying a home, or finally
retiring.  Change is natural, change is on-going.  Change is growth.  Don’t fear it
Embrace it!
Revel in it!
Change shows that you are alive; a living breathing organism.  Live life to its fullest.
--Ken Ferguson--
The Dodgers were finally able to secure the Western Division Championship of major league baseball.  I hope they can muster up some momentum for the playoffs. 
This is the recruiting video I was a part of a couple of months ago.  They spent more than two hours filming me and I ended up in the video for about five seconds.  LOL
Oh the poor Christians!!  I found this on my Facebook page this morning.  Christianity is under attack because more and more people are seeing thru their foolishness and leaving the churches in droves.  The young adults are especially turning their backs on religion in general, not just Christianity.  People like the Kentucky clerk Kim Davis are doing more to lead this trend than build up their faith. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Road Rage

It’s amazing to me the way some people drive,
I find it’s a miracle that they get home alive.
Some guy in a sports car is riding my ass,
Bobbing and weaving; most anxious to pass.

So I slow down, I’m the rational one you see,
The sports car hits his brakes to avoid hitting me.
Cutting off a car now he’s right at my side,
Giving me the finger with gusto and pride.

I return the finger; I’m the rational one you’ll recall,
Something, something, something, about “pride before the fall.”
He rolls down his window and he’s  yellin’ and screamin’,
I try to ignore him and hope he’s not packin’.

The sports car hits the gas and he tears down the road,
Off it would seem to his humble abode.
Road rage can occur in the blink of an eye,
I just feel lucky that I didn’t die. 
--Ken Ferguson--