Thursday, May 21, 2015

Karen and I are going to a hockey game tonight!!  The Ontario Reign are battling the Allen (Texas) Americans for the Western Conference Championship tonight.  Of course that means hot dogs and nachos for dinner!!  Yeah!!

Happy Birthday wishes go out to singer, songwriter, actress, model, fashion designer author and comedian, Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian, who turned 69 years young yesterday May 20th. Cher was born in El Centro, California. Cher has been married twice and has three sons.


Cher is probably best known for her marriage and music with Sonny Bono. (Deceased) They started a fashion trend with the fur vests and wild bell bottom pants you see below.  Cher actually started out as Sonny's house keeper. Their first big hit was "I Got You Babe."

This is an arch pattern fingerprint.  It could be my right index fingerprint.  Arch pattern fingerprints are the most rare pattern, found in only about 5% of fingerprints.  I read that arch patterns may correlate with mothers who smoked or babies who had health problems while in the womb.  My mom was a heavy smoker and I was born 6 weeks early and spent some time in an incubator before going home.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Traveling Minstrel

I am a traveling minstrel, a purveyor of word and song,
I spin a tale, and strum a tune, and then I move along.
I hope to make you dance and sing, and clap to beat the band,
And put a smile upon your face, and leave you feeling grand.

The fantasies I weave for you, are made to entertain,
So stop awhile, enjoy the show, and join in the refrain.
I dabble in a grain of truth, the rest imagination,
And if I hit too close to home, please spare your condemnation.

The ladies find me charming, a chap with quite a flare,
They smile and nod, and bat their eyes, it seems without a care.
I croon a tune, and make them swoon, with dreams of courtly romance,
And in the morn, on the wind I’m borne, pulling on my short pants.
I am a traveling minstrel, a poet of some renown,
I live to entertain you, while moving from town to town.
If you’ve found some revelry in what you’ve seen today,
Please drop a penny in my cup, before you walk away. 
Ken Ferguson

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I posted this photo a couple of weeks ago thinking there was a poem there somewhere.Well there was, but beware, it has some adult themes and could cause one to become embarrassed for, or even ashamed of, the writer of said poem.  This is an example of a "free flowing" form of poetry that doesn't require words to rhyme.  Enjoy.

Skinny Dippin’

We sauntered arm- in- arm along a warm sandy beach,
third day of our romantic island getaway.  Warm ocean breezes enveloped us
as we were blanketed in the silvery beams of a glorious full moon,
that seemed to rise up from the ocean in the distance like a burning phoenix.

We stopped along a deserted section of beach and shared an embrace,
exchanging salty kisses and whispering of our never ending love for one another.
I ran my fingers through her silky hair, softly turning her head to one side,
nibbling and kissing her ear.  Soft groans emitted from her throat as she melted
deeper into my embrace.

I stepped back, peered into her sparkling eyes, and gave her a devilish look.
I dropped my swim suit to the sand, turned, and waded waist deep into the warm Caribbean waters.
She stood there, frozen, fighting an inner battle between her fears of being caught naked in a public
place, and her eagerness to share my embrace in the warm ocean before her.  The warm glow building
inside her lent the final straw to her decision to throw caution to the wind and join me.

I turned to watch her as she pulled her flowered sun dress over her head, exposing her firm supple
breasts and taunt stomach to the gaze of the full moon.  Quickly dropping her skimpy bikini bottom in
our pile of clothing, she wadded towards me, moon light reflecting from her bronzed body.  The huge
smile on her face assured me that she was lost in a life changing experience we would remember for
years to come.

I took her in my arms and held her tightly, as the warm ocean waves lapped against our hips and groins.
She wrapped her arms around my neck and hoisted herself up against my body, encircling my hips with
her shapely legs.  Her swollen breasts pressed against my chest, as I moved slowly too enter her lush
garden.  I was lost in a perfect storm of passion, as we slowly rocked against one another.   Our hunger
engulfed us as our pace quickened.  Waves of pleasure crashed over us as we found our synchronized
release and shuddered in a thundering conclusion.

“I love you” we whispered to one another, as we dared not release from each others arms, the warm
ocean waters caressing our sated bodies, moon beams reflecting off of the waves.   “I love you.”

Ken Ferguson

Friday, May 15, 2015

Last night a storm cell got lodged up against the foothills and poured over Dodger stadium bringing lightning and hail.  It's a rare sight to see the tarp out over Dodger Stadium. 

My Bike Ride

I’m out for a ride on my mountain bike today,
As birds and bunnies and brown squirrels play,
Road runners and snakes often join in the fun,
Look how they scatter, see how they run.

A coyote just popped out, all scraggly and gray,
First time I’ve seen him while riding this way.
It scampered across the trail, now standing there watching,
I’ll keep on pedaling, so he won’t come munching. 

Dark clouds overhead are trying to rain,
Threatening a soaking; oh what a pain.
Several more miles left to get to my car,
Why oh why did I venture so far.

I hate goat head stickers; they make me so mad,
One punctured my tire; my luck turning bad.
Fifteen minutes lost to change my flat tire,
Here come the rain drops, my situation is dire.

I’m pedaling quite madly now, heading for cover,
The rain coming harder;  no longer a shower.
I make it to my car and I’m soaked to the skin,
Forty-eight hours I’ll be ready again.  

Ken Ferguson
No pressure!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


R  Retirement can seem like the end of your being
E  Equal to the challenge of ever creating
T  That perfect widget or idea for proceeding
I  Into the realm of some cosmic understanding.

R  Retirement can seem like a chance to behold
E  Each brand new day and how it unfolds
M  Making each moment a chance to be bold
E  Experiencing life and the joys that it holds.


N  Note to myself as I step into retirement
T  Take aim each day for a sense of fulfillment.

Ken Ferguson