Thursday, April 30, 2015

Inner City Crisis

In Baltimore and Ferguson and so many more,
The poor inner cities are rotten to the core.
They riot and protest, and march in a group,
They’re just being “porch monkeys” right off the stoop.

But wait just a minute, there’s more to the story,
But facing some facts is to some, quite contrary.
The establishment doesn’t give a hoot for the poor,
Just stick ‘em in a corner and quick close the door.

Cut taxes for the rich and pay off your cronies,
Cut back on food stamps and welfare for families.
Abortion and birth control are god’s abomination,
And no need for Johnny to get an education. 

One percent of our nation holds forty percent of the wealth,
The middle class is dying, such a deal they’ve been dealt.
The rich are busting unions and any collective bargaining,
Paying a living wage to them is alarming.

Capitalism can’t last; they’ll run out of buyers,
For all of their cell phones, and IPads and tires.
In time there will only be the rich and the poor,
And no one to carry their stuff out the door.  

The cops are in the middle, just doing their job,
Trying to keep the peace, face to face with the mob.
They represent the “establishment” in uniforms of blue,
Often times wishing their bosses had a clue.

The rioting won’t stop with rubber bullets and mace,
No progress can be made by keeping “them” in their place.
The rich getting richer, the poor not so much,
Today’s politicians are so out of touch.  
Ken Ferguson

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cool '56 or '57 Chevy Belair with a tray from the drive-up attached to the window. That blue is the color of my first car, a '54 Chevy.

"Goodby, Kevin.  I could look the other way with the boozing and the skirt-chasing, but I did not sign up for bicycle clothes."

Monday, April 27, 2015

On April 9th 1865 General Lee surrendered to General Grant ending the Civil War.  The war was officially ended by declaration on May 9th, 1865 with the last know shots being fired on June 22, 1865.  (slow communications) It's believed that over 800,000 Americans lost their lives with thousands more injured.  I wrote this poem to commemorate the anniversary of the end of that war.

The Civil War

One hundred and fifty years ago our nation was torn in two,
Brothers fighting brothers, uncles and fathers too.
Eleven states set out to form a country all their own,
In a fight to salvage slavery, the “Rebels” stood alone.

“We the people” didn’t count for a man whose skin was black,
Brought here quite against his will, with lashes on his back.
Put to work to grow man’s crops and labor in their fields,
A piece of property was all he was, an asset to bring yields.

The battle raged, and good men died, thousands in gray and blue,
President Lincoln stood his ground; to the Union he was true.
For four long years the battle fought, General Grant vs General Lee,
On Gettysburg, and Harper's Ferry, and Shiloh to name three.

The North prevailed, and slavery became, a chapter in our past,
The black men became freemen, with freedom hard and fast.
Once again “We the People” shown proudly on the wall,
Not just a simple line or phrase but liberty and justice for all.
Ken Ferguson

Got back on my bike yesterday after what seems like months.  Had a nice ride to the beach.  Not too much wind to deal with, and temps in the high 60's. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Fox News host who said Hillary Clinton ate at Chipotle to appeal to Hispanic voters——must answer me this: where is she supposed to eat? If she goes to Chick-fil-A, they’ll claim she’s flip-flopped on gay marriage; Panda Express, she’s not being tough enough on China;  Dunkin Donuts, sympathizing with violent cops;  Dairy Queen, sounds too much like “welfare queen”; and, thanks to her husband, forget about going to In-n-Out. - Bill Maher

This is Maggie Gallagher the head of the National Organization for Marriage.  That catchy title would lead one to believe they are for marriage for one and all.  Not so.  They strongly oppose same-sex marriage because of their Christian values.  And Christians and their values are under attack.  She recently was quoted as saying, “Christianity in this country is going to enter a new phase where we are a hated minority group, and I think we had better be psychologically and spiritually prepared for that and be prepared to rebuild from the ruins of the collapse of civilization that we’re witnessing."

Those who oppose same-sex marriage know they are losing the war and hope to turn the tide by spreading fear that the entire Christian lifestyle, because that's really what it is, will crumble when same-sex marriage finally passes.  Believe me, there are those who truly believe this.  But same-sex marriage will prevail.  Thirty-two states and counting. Christians have historically fought against equal rights such as the abolishment of slavery, the passing of the right to vote for women, and the right for inter-racial marriage, so another loss won't bring an end to the Christian way of life.

People such as Ms. Gallagher try to speak for "all Christians" and yet a good part of their battle is with those within the "Christian lifestyle" who are not against same-sex marriage and believe that Jesus stood for love for one another.

So really the only question left to be answered now is which state will hold the embarrassment of the last state to give in and pass same-sex marriage.  Or will the Supreme Court step in and make same-sex marriage the law of the land.  This way Christians can continue to rail against same-sex marriage and say that the federal government forced their hand, not that they gave in to accepting  it. I say Alabama (sorry Brian) will be the last state to give in.  Any bets?

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We made it home Tuesday in one piece.  Karen and I were both sick Sunday evening and all day Monday.  We weren't able to visit Karen's friend in Nashville because we couldn't get too far from a toilet, if you know what I mean.  I'm not sure if it was something we ate or I think there are different "bugs" in the water in Huntsville and we weren't used to them.

Karen was in the middle seat from Alabama to Vegas and was next to a heavy guy who bled over into Karen's seat.  Then he began to clear his throat and then spit into a cup.  It sounded quite gross.

Overall we had a great time.  I don't think moving to Myrtle Beach is in our future.  We did see lots of rain and some thunder and lightning.

Thank you Brian and Selina for your hospitality and sharing your wonderful children with us. 

I Hate to Fly

Traveling is fun, I’m eager to go,
Fill up the tank, our bags we will stow.
Up before dawn, head out the door,
Mickey Dees for pancakes, perhaps maybe more.

Catching a flight is not quite as fun,
Run to the airport, can’t bring my gun.
I hate the TSA with all of my being,
Once through the line always leaves my seething.

Waiting to board, a cattle call for sure,
Shuffling down the gangway in less than a blur.
“Please place your bag in the overhead bin,”
The size of her bag is surely a sin.

Luck of all luck, on the aisle I’m sittin’,
Knees to my chin, who are they kiddin’.
Three and a half hours stuffed in a tube,
Couldn’t get closer, even with a lube.

The guy next to me is as big as a boat,
Constantly spitting and clearing his throat.
We land with a thump and roll to the gate,
I love to travel, its flying I hate.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday morning we got to babysit while Brian and Selina went out to do a community project for their church.  Ameila has warmed up to me on this trip.  We were playing Cinderella.  Those little dressed are hard to get on the doll.  LOL.

As you can see babysitting is hard work.

Thursday morning we went for a walk on the beach. It was cool and overcast. I walked a bit and returned to our hotel while Karen took a much longer journey. It began to sprinkle on her way back.