Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Henry Winkler, Aka "Fonzie," who turns 65 years old today. Henry Franklin Winkler was born in Manhattan, New York. He has been married to Stacy Weitzman for 32 years and has two children, Zoe and Max.

Henry Winkler is an actor, director, producer and author, but is probably best known for his role as "Fonzie" in the 1970's sitcom "Happy Days.". Winkler was on Happy Days for eight seasons where he won two Golden Globe Awards for "Best Actor in a Television series"

Henry Winkler has been in several movies including "The Waterboy" and "Night Shift," and television series such as "The Practice" and "Arrested Development."

Henry Winkler has written a series of children's books entitled, "Hank Ziper: The World's Greatest Underachiever."
Atheist activism is not a waste of time. Poll after poll shows that rates of non-belief are going up at an astonishing rate, around the country and around the world. In fact, in every state in the U.S., the fastest-growing religous affiliation is "none."

Just a quick medical update. I went to the doctor on Thursday and they asked me lots of questions and listened to my heart and lungs. They gave me another EKG. I also went and had a chest X-ray.

Friday morning I gave blood for some lab tests, which all came back within the expected norms. The next step is a stress EKG which I am scheduled to take on Friday.

So far my shortness of breath is a mystery. More as I learn it.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Even though Jim had a bout with hives from an allergic reaction to a food additive, and I was eaten alive by fleas and mosquito's, and we both had sore backs each night, we got a lot done, went to the beach a lot, and had a very successful trip. We may go back in May '12 for Johanelly's graduation.
Happy Birthday wishes go out to my lovely wife Karen who turns @$&^! years old today. Happy Birthday my love. Hope you have a great day.

Our flight home was exciting. We all loaded onto the plane and the captain came on the intercom and told us we would be leaving a little early. Then we sat, and sat, and sat. While sitting, we watched a lady and man get their luggage and leave the plane. The captain came on the intercom again and said the couple had a fight and were asked to leave the plane. So instead of leaving a few minutes early, we left 20 minutes late.

When we landed in Miami, we found that we had to walk from one concourse to another to catch our connecting flight. We managed to buy a packaged sandwich at a kiosk on the way.

Our flight from Miami to LAX was on a 767 which had two isles with three seats in the middle. We were two rows from the rear of the plane in the center area. While it's a bigger plane, there seems to be less room in the seats. My knees were touching the seat in front of me and when the guy in front of me put his seat back, there was no room at all. We even had the typical crying baby behind us.

We made it to LAX on time and were able to collect our luggage and find Jim's wife without any hassle. I don't care much for air travel. Give me my FJ Cruiser and an open road anytime. I hope they have the tunnel to Puerto Rico done before our next trip!!!!
I have an appointment this afternoon with my new regular doctor to follow-up my evening at urgent care for my being out of breath so much. I'm sure it will end up being something like this. I'll keep you all posted on my health issues. I'm sure it's something simple. I want to get back on my mountain bike.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Saturday evening we took Jenny to dinner at the El Conquistador Resort to celebrate her earning her bachelor's degree on line. One of Jenny's student's mother works there and gave her a free drink and piece of strawberry cheesecake. Congrats Jenny!!!

Lilly the dog: 1 iguana: 0
Saturday we went back to the same beach as last weekend. We picked up Subway sandwiches to eat on the beach. Our lunch was interrupted by a brief rain shower. It was odd to be sitting on the beach eating a sandwich with rain coming down. It only lasted a couple of minutes and then the sun was out for the rest of the day.

This is two of the teachers, Judy (left) and Elizabeth, relaxing on the beach after lunch. Judy has been teaching at the school for about four years and is from New Zealand. Elizabeth is new to the school from New Jersey.

Jim made friends with this fisherman. I guess fishermen have an international language, and I would imagine they believe each other's fish stories.

As you may recall, we had to drive thru a couple of large puddles to get to the beach.

So much for all the work Edwin and I did cleaning up the van on Friday.

Sadly, Judy's weekend didn't end up as nicely as it started. Judy fell down several stairs leading to her apartment and ended up spending Saturday night in the ER room. Result: two cracked bones - one in the wrist and one in the elbow.

Monday morning I drove Judy to the local hospital to find an orthopedic doctor. Fortunately, the uniformed security guard at the front door spoke English and directed us to an adjacent building where we eventually found an orthopedic doctor. Even better, there was a nurse in the office who spoke English and helped Judy fill out the medical forms which were printed in Spanish.

In two hours Judy was fit with a pretty blue cast. The hardest part of the procedure was removing her wedding ring, which the ER doctor should have removed.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Here it is Friday evening. Where has the week gone. I spent part of the day cleaning up the chapel, and later mopped the kitchen/dining room.

Meanwhile, Jim was busy running around the school with the power washer. Below you can see Jim cleaning the carport. The dark area at Jim's feet is the mold and dirt and gook that accumulates in this humid climate. We were told that the school was last power washed about 6 months ago.

After lunch, I chose to take on cleaning up one of the big school vans. I was assisted by one of the students, Edwin, who was a hard worker and seemed to enjoy being able to help.

This evening Jenny, Judy, Elizabeth, and I went to dinner at "The Brass Cactus." We came out from dinner to a brief rain shower.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I mentioned that Betsy has been under the weather in an earlier entry, so we weren't allowed to fire up the power washer to clean off various areas of the school because of the noise. So Jim and I left for the day and ran some errands and acted a little like tourists.

We visited one of Jim's favorite hardware stores, National Lumber. Not the nationally known National Lumber, but a more local version. Jim is searching for something to offset one of the toilets at the school. We were unsuccessful here as well as one other store.

After two stops at hardware stores, Jim and I went to the El Conquistador Resort. It's a really nice hotel complex with a golf course, restaurants, meeting rooms, a small casino, and the only Starbucks for miles!!!

This is the view from the pool area of the hotel. We are looking in an eastward direction at the Atlantic Ocean. The little marina below has a couple of ferries that take guests out to an island to swim as the hotel complex doesn't have any beachfront attached to the hotel. The island straight out has a condo complex on it.

We had mocha frappacinos and a pastry, and Jim bought two bags of coffee. The little casino was closed so I was able to abstain from dropping a twenty there.

After meandering around the hotel, we went over to a nearby marina and visited the business of one of the men who attend Jenny's church. He showed us around his marine business and a boat he refurbishing. For some reason I didn't take any photos at the marina.

On the way to the marina we passed Peggy and Jerry's, the little spot where we got pinchos last week. As you can see, there isn't much to the place. The area to the right of the front door is the kitchen and to the left are about six tables.

All in all it was a very nice day. We got back in time for me to get an hour nap before doing some laundry and catch up on my blogging. We had lasagna for dinner and are now watching the Giants/Phillies baseball game.
Spent a good portion of Wednesday riding around the school on the riding lawn mower. Jim was manning the edger. As you can imagine the grass grows at quite an excelerated rate here. It's almost a full time job keeping up with the lawn work.

Betsy came down with a bug of some type and has been in bed with a fever. We are hoping that it's not something she picked up wading thru one of those puddles last weekend.

We hit the beach Wednesday evening. There were a few threatening clouds in the area and we got a few sprinkles while in the water. Just before bedtime, we received a brief downpour. The rain sure makes the coques (loud little frogs) go crazy!!

The full moon is Friday. Don't forget to dance naked in your back yard!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dennis Edwards posted this photo on of someone he knows who made this poster for a "Tea Party" rally coming up in Santa Ana. "Wise Men???"
Monday in chapel Jim and I helped with a sketch for the students. Jim was the king and I was his general. Jim made sure I knew that my head was not to be above his, as was the law in king days.

We've both been busy the last couple of days. Jim has been working on plumbing issues and I washed and cleaned out four vehicles. Tuesday evening we found our way to Coldstone and had ice cream.

We made it to the beach each day. Today (Tues) the waves were the highest we've seen so far. Jenny brought her dog, Denalay, who doesn't care much for the water and especially doesn't like the waves.

Auditioning for Walmart!!!