Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This is exactly how I feel after a long bike ride!!!
I was glad to see that the health care reform finally passed and was signed into law. The Republicans seem to be pretty booboo faced over the lose. Let's hope it helps out the less fortunate who really need the help. Karen informed me that Blue Cross just increased it's rates by 39%. So its obvious we need some restraints on the insurance companies.

Three weeks of working out with the public and I managed to catch a doosey of a cold. A week later, I'm still coughing, but feeling much better.

The job is going well. I'm just about caught up with over two months of work. I sent out an email Tuesday telling the patrol officers that the Crime Scene Unit was back in business to help solicit more work.

I've gotten four LAFIS hits in three weeks. One matched the victim, and one, I learned, matched a 13 year old kid with about 8 other cases already pending against him. The morning drive is becoming a little more tolerable while the afternoon drive is about the same. Both average about an hour on the road. I got my first pay check last Thursday, which makes it all worth while.

One more work day this week and then Karen and I are headed to Phoenix for the weekend for a couple of spring training baseball games. Should be a great weekend!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Dana Delaney who turned 54 years old today.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Friday, March 5, 2010

Up and at em and off to work Thursday at 6:35 am. The local mountains received a dusting of snow overnight and were still partially covered with the remnants of the storm when I left for work.
On Wednesday March 3rd, Jessica Biel turned 28 years old. Enough said.

Man!!! What a busy week. I went in to El Monte on Monday to fill out some paperwork and was told I was hired pending the results of my background. So I worked two hours on Monday.

My first full day of work was Tuesday (8 hrs). I work closely with a real nice young lady named Carmella, whose main job is the property room. I spent the bulk of the day cleaning up my office and throwing away a lot of stuff. My office was once the home to four ID Techs, so there are four desks in it. One of the first things I did was to take that old white computer monitor off my desk and replace it with that nice newer black one. Priorities you know!!!

I had planned on taking Wednesday off, but there is a lot to do and I worked all day (8 hrs)Wednesday. I also began to tackle the backlog of work because of my predecessor leaving the first week of January for greener pastures.

Wednesday I also started cleaning up the lab. I had to have an electrician come in and fix a light fixture on the ceiling of what had once been a photography dark room. (the door to the right of this photo) I moved some things around and found an industrial sized trash can for the lab. The whole south wall of the room is huge windows that look out into the yard between buildings. Those windows let in a huge amount of light and I really like that aspect. The computer set up to the left is the LAFIS work station where fingerprints are searched thru the state data base.

The lab is quite modern and has a large fuming hood and a fingerprint station. I worked another 8 hrs. on Thursday, but spent the bulk of the day doing my new employee orientation and background paperwork.

Everybody that I've met is real nice. I work under the detective bureau sergeant. Everyone has been real supportive and are willing to get me anything I need. (Better take advantage of this huh??)

Next week I plan to start to tackle the backlog of physical evidence waiting to be processed. So right now the lab is nice and clean. I plan on working Mon - Tues - Thurs, 8 hrs a day.