Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday wishes go out to actress Kaley Cuoco from "The Big Bang Theory" who turns 30 years old today.

Sadly she is currently going through a divorce from her tennis player husband Ryan Sweeting.

Kaley played one of the "Charmed" girls, "Billie Jenkins," in the 8th season.

The last photo is a "selfie" she posted on the web.  Notice the rows of shoes she has in her bedroom in the background.

My son Scott (left), his husband Bruce and their two daughters at Disneyland over Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Each golden sunrise ignites in me a new
tidal wave of words.  Tossing and turning
inside my head like a small wooden ship
on a torrid sea.

Words, that I must corral like so many
wild stallions; pawing and snorting,
kicking down fences, demanding their
release from the confines of my mind. 

Words, that I must harness like blinding
bolts of lightning, exploding across the horizon,
from the black and purple clouds that lumber
across my brain.

The trick though, is to employ but not stifle, the
power of words. Words can be quickly penned
onto the writer’s page, long enough to convey
a thought, offer a position, or display an emotion, only
to have them rampage off in a blusterous exhibition 
of grandeur, leaving behind the terrifying promise 
of the next harrowing confrontation. 

I must rest and prepare. 

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Happy Feet!!

Black Friday Blues

It’s easy to fall into the grip of despair,
when holiday greetings fill the crisp winter air.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to name just a few,
throw in Happy Hanukkah just to spice up the brew. 

I’m out buying presents for my family and friends,
maybe a co-worker; that all depends.
Pushing and shoving for that special on ties,
it’s not a “Black Friday” unless somebody dies.  

Running short of money now, my list I must cut,
man all this shopping‘s such a pain in the butt.
A lady just sprayed me with perfume on aisle four,
it took all I had not to call her a … cherub. 

Out of the mall to my car I am running,
dodging and weaving; using all of my cunning.
Five cars behind me awaiting my space,
honking and swearing and getting on my case.

I give them the finger and one guy gets out,
we square off, we posture, we scream and we shout.
No punches are thrown, as cooler heads prevail,
probably good cause I couldn’t afford the bail.

I make it back home; all my shopping is done,
cause I’m not going back out to indulge in that fun.
The mall is a fiasco and a drain on one’s wealth,
and surely a threat to a man’s very health. 

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

Friday, November 27, 2015

From time to time Justin will write poems from a one-sentence prompt. The prompt he gave me this evening was "a midnight kiss is always the best way to start the day."  So from that prompt I wrote the following poem in about 45 minutes.

Midnight Kiss

The desk clock struck twelve as we entered the room,
She my blushing bride and I her proud groom.
We’ve started a new life; our past lives are done,
The paths of two lives, joined together as one. 

A midnight kiss is always the best way to start
the day to top all days, to join in one heart.
The kiss leads to another, then another, and more,
My bride, my lover, the partner I adore. 

Lost in each others arms we collapsed on the bed,
Bodies entwined, by our passions we’re led.
Finished, we lay on the sheets in repose,
The deep midnight kiss that curled my toes.   

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

Its really too bad that the bench seat had to go away.  There was nothing better than having your girl sitting next to you as you drove down the street.  You can see all the room there was.  Now all cars have a center console and tons of gadgets.

That would be me actually.  I smile at perfect strangers and most smile back.  Some look surprised, others just move one.  I usually add a cheerful good morning or hello, which catches may by surprise. 

Good to know!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I pulled a muscle in my chest coughing yesterday.  It hurts to move around much.  It's a bitch to get old.