Sunday, June 26, 2016

I ended up working four days last week, with only Wednesday off.  One more week and the new fiscal year will start and I'll be back to working 20 hours a week.  We are suddenly real busy, so I chose to work Friday to kind of catch up.  These two-day weekends are really short!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The echoes of history
Resound with the memories
Of those lost
At the point of a gun
By a crazed gunman
Assault rifle blazing
No one seems to be listening.

Children killed in their classroom
Movie goers slaughtered in their seats
Church folks butchered in their pews
Abortion clinic shot to hell
LGBT young adults massacred in a club
No one seems to feel a thing.

Breaking News – bullets flying!!
Wolfe Blitzer on the story
Emergency lights flashing
Get the number of dead and wounded
Interview a grieving relative
No one seems to keep watching

Politicians wring their hands
Guns a sacred cow
Legislation blocked
Political payments made
Guns sales spike
Nothing seems to change.

The dead are buried
Condolences sent
Candles lit
Vigils stood
Mothers cry
I’m sorry seems hollow.

Who will rise up?
Take a stand?
Row against the tide?
Shout enough is enough?
Demand change?
No one seems to step forward.

Breaking News – bullets flying!!

--Ken Ferguson--
 Artista di Parole

Sunday, June 19, 2016

When an idea strikes!!!

Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney who turned 74 yesterday.

I've become a bigger tipper since Josh started to work as a bartender.  The IRS takes taxes out of his check for $80 as expected tips for a day shift and $125 for an evening shift, whether he makes that much in tips or not.  So tip your food servers and bartenders generously. 

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chrissy Snow - "Three's Company"

Aquarius ~ Left Brain The Aquarius person has a scientific approach to life and experiences. They prefer research to call upon and the notion of logic and poised judgment. The Aquarius however spends much time operating from the right brain, considering their inspiring creative activity, far ranging ideas, and eccentric, expressive personality