Monday, November 30, 2009

On the eve of what many people are saying will be a speech by President Obama announcing the increase of troops in Afghanistan by 30,000, I thought I would print this poem I found on

I, Republican
by Christopher Bifani
November 28, 2009

I voted for Obama,
I voted against McCain.
Yet somehow I voted Republican,
So will someone please explain;

How "Yes We Can..." Went on to Be,
"...Wage the war indefinitely."
How all us peaceniks working phones,
Led to the use of more predator drones.

How all our grassroots small donations,
Led to gifts for corporations.
How all the debt that had us troubled,
Suddenly jumped to more than double.

What just happened? I forget,
But I know I don't have health care yet.
I know the military's usual plan,
A troop surge in Afghanistan.

And here's another scary fact,
He wants to extend the Patriot Act?!?

Yes now it all seems very strange,
All that talk of hope and change.
Who elected George Bush III?
But those of us now getting the bird!!

Ok, so I changed it a little bit to make it rhyme a little bit better. I hope Chris won't mind. I'm trying to remain positive and hopeful that President Obama will deliver the change he campaigned on. But...

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday I went to the graveside service for Eleanor Drucker in Via Verde. Eleanor had just celebrated her 75th birthday two weeks ago. Eleanor was only in the hospital a few days before her death. She worked at the police station the week before entering the hospital. (figures huh?)

I had never been to a Jewish funeral service before. It was very nice. A cantor sang a few songs and the Rabbi presided over the service. Laurie Moore spoke about Eleanor on behalf of the police station. Approximately 60 people attended the service, with about half of the people from the police station.

At the end of the service Eleanor's casket was lowered into the ground and relatives and friends took shovels and placed shovels of dirt on the casket. I had never seen that done before.

Eleanor worked for ROP managing the Livesan fingerprint machine in the police station. Since I ran the latent fingerprint section of the police station, Eleanor called my quite ofter with problems with the Livescan machine. The lady had a huge heart and was a pleasure to know.

The full moon will be on Wednesday December 2nd at 2:20 am EST. In December our attention turns to the moon as its influence is spread over long hours and the sun retreats to the shortest days of the year.

Your full moon ritual might include some expression of gratitude for the closure of the dark time and the return of the light at solstice. This is a time of closure, a time to let go of grievances that have affected the past year, and a time to make sure that long term projects are completed before the solstice.

The winter solstice is on December 21 at 12:47 pm EST. There will also be a blue moon on December 31st. at 2:13 pm EST.

Thanks so much to "The Scarlet Witch" at for this information on the full moon.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sadly, Colony High School's football season came to an end last night losing to Upland High School 21-17. It was a good game with Colony leading 7-6 at half time. Colony was stopped from scoring twice from inside the ten yard line in the first five minutes of the game.

Colony came out flat in the second half. I could just see it in the way they came onto the field with their heads down and no excitement in their step. It looked like they had received the chewing out of their lives during half time.

The two teams exchanges scores and then Colony went ahead 17-14 on a field goal with under four minutes to play. Upland came back and scored the go-ahead touchdown with 48 seconds left in the game. The rest, as they say, is history.

We had a good run and Karen and I enjoyed several evenings in the stands rooting the Titans on. If football is over, it must be time for basketball. They play basketball games inside - much warmer!!! See ya there!!!

Went for a bike ride yesterday at Bonelli Park. I rode three figure 8's around the lake and airport for just under 26 miles. It was a nice day, but a bit cool. (you know - low 60's!!)There were a lot more people in the park than I'm used to for a weekday.

See we have a fall season here in SoCal.

This is a low water crossing I get to cross twice for each figure 8 that I complete. Should be much more challenging after a good rain.

This is a Dodge Daytona I saw parked in the park. Rather pretty don't you think??

Just call me the Jaybird of Nakedness!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Today is traditionally known as "Black Friday", the busiest shopping day of the year. At least that is the hype put forth by the folks in retail. And while the number of people out "shopping" is staggering, I have to wonder just how much money will be spent this year. And really, you have to wonder just how many "deals" can be had today. Once the bait items are gone, isn't it just more of the same at regular prices??

There are a lot of people who just don't have the money to spend that they have had in the past due to the current state of the economy. I know our family for one will be cutting way back on Xmas presents this year.

So this year Karen and I are staying home this "Black Friday." We are going to be part of the "don't buy anything day." This will surely increase our odds of not being trampled by the mobs trying to get into the store first, or fighting over that coveted parking spot, or stepping over those picked over sweaters on the floor.

The Christmas Season is officially upon us. Good luck to all, and please be safe.
Orange County Register
November 25, 2009 5:43 pm

San Onofre - State officials spent more than $42,000 battling a group of nudists who wanted to keep Trail 6 a clothing-optional beach, California Department of Parks and Recreation documents show.

Also a public records request for all reports and complaints relating to public nudity at Trail 6 revealed only two written complaints. State officials had said a growing number of complaints were one of the factors for banning nudity at Trail 6.

Ken Kramer, superintendent of the Orange Coast District, said the money spent was well worth it. "Our approach to this issue transcends dollars and cents. This money is well spent to make sure we address these concerns. We have a duty to make sure that with this type of increased popularity and visitation that we have a park where all visitors feel welcome and that there is lawful activity occurring."

Kramer went on to add, "providing a safe and comfortable environment for park employees, an increasing amount of criminal activity in the area, and a growing number of complaints, were their impetus for enforcing a nudity ban at a 1,000 foot stretch of secluded beach abutting Camp Pendelton."

Sadly this litigation has curtailed my visits to my favorite beach. I wouldn't want to be the first person issued a citation for public nudity as part of the return to the dark ages that the State Department of Parks and Recreation has started.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

These are photos from the retirement buyout for Marcus Plebani and Vince Moreno. Additional photos can be found on

Recent retirees received their retirement badges from the chief.

Speed Kills!!
Along with today being Thanksgiving, today is the two-year anniversary of the publication of "Fergies Dribble." Yup, two years ago today, I began my rants and raves on this blog. I have completed 1,795 blogs.

I hope it continues to be of some entertainment value to you my loyal readers. I still enjoy doing it.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As many of you already know, the law requires me (and some of you) to qualify with my handgun once every five years to be able to carry a handgun in the State of California. Federal law requires me to qualify once a year if I want to carry a handgun in all other states.

And as many of you know, I don't visit the police station much anymore unless I have to. So I haven't qualified with my handgun since I retired in July of 2004. So... I need to qualify next month.

So Corey and I went to a public shooting range in Rancho Cucamonga last week so that I could re-familiarize myself with shooting a handgun. I don't think I have fired a gun in a couple of years. I was surprised how muscle memory kicked in. I was able to put eight rounds in a circle the size of an orange in no time. (Brag-Brag) Thank goodness for titanium sights!!!

Corey, who was rather inexperienced in shooting a handgun, did very well. In no time he was putting eight rounds in the target in an area the size of oh lets say a grapefruit. Very good for his inexperience. Good job Corey!!! It was good being able to enjoy the time together!!

I went for a bike ride today (Wednesday) staying close to home. Part of my ride was along the dirt road between fields south of Colony H.S. I was stopped by the driver of a pickup truck coming toward me who told me there was a golden eagle further down the road in the field to my right eating something.

So I headed on down the road and found the eagle about 30 yards off the road. It was huge. It was the size of a turkey. It was eating something it had no doubt caught wondering around the field. I could see that it was holding something in it's claws and taking bites from it. It was dark colored with white markings and a golden head. Awesome!!! It didn't seam at all concerned with my nearby.

I stood and watched it for about five minutes waiting for it to fly off. It was worth the wait because it took about two hops and it was airborne. It soared into the air and looked even bigger with it's wings spread.

It circled the area about three times and then more eagles started to arrive. In moments there were ten of them circling the area. I got the feeling they were circling me, perhaps thinking I was their next meal. I left quickly.

What an assume experience. Not so for the rabbit or whatever had been the eagle's lunch I suppose. I was amazed how big it was sitting there. It was every bit as big as a turkey. Nature is awesome sometimes. The beauty of riding a mountain bike off the pavement!!!

My camera won't download onto my computer any longer, so I had to find these photos from the Internet. I hope Santa brings me a new digital camera for Xmas. I hope, I hope, I hope!!!
My sentiments exactly!!!
Good Advice!!
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Amy Grant who turns 49 years old today. Amy Lee Grant was born in Augusta, Ga. but grew up in Nashville, Tn. Amy is the oldest of four sisters born to her doctor father. Amy is married to country music star Vince Gill and they have a a daughter, Corinna. Amy has three children from her previous marriage to musician Gary Chapman, a son Matthew, and two daughters, Gloria and Sarrah.

Amy was working in a recording studio in Nashville when her talent was first discovered. As a favor, the studio owner allowed her to re-record some songs she had written and sung at the studio where she worked. The recording lead to Amy signing her first recording contract at 16 years old. describes Amy as "an American singer-songwriter, musician, author, media personality and occasional actress, best known for her gospel and contemporary Christian music." Amy has had ten "Top 40" pop singles, and has earned three multi-platinum albums, six platinum albums, and four additional gold albums.

Amy has also won six "Grammy Awards", received twelve "Grammy Award" nominations, won twenty-five "Gospel Music Association Dove Awards", including "Artist of the Year" four times, and has a star on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame."

To top it all off, Amy has written several books including "Mosaic: Pieces of My Life So Far." I have enjoyed Amy's music for a long time.