Tuesday, June 30, 2009

President Obama doesn't seem to have the balls to remove the "don't ask don't tell" policy from the military, which he can apparently do by executive order. He has kissed off the whole thing to the Senate. Meanwhile an average of two servicemen and women are being discharged from the military everyday for being gay.

Very disappointing indeed!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Republican Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern is convinced that the nation's woes all stem from the nation's promotion of abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse and other forms of debauchery. Therefore she has put forth this proclamation for morality.

It reads;

WHEREAS, the people of Oklahoma have a strong tradition of reliance upon the Creator of the Universe; and

WHEREAS, we believe our economic woes are consequences of our greater national moral crisis; and

WHEREAS, this nation has become a world leader in promoting abortion, pornography, same sex marriage, sex trafficking, divorce, illegitimate births, child abuse, and many other forms of debauchery; and

WHEREAS, alarmed that the Government of the United States of America is forsaking the rich Christian heritage upon which this nation was built; and

WHEREAS, grieved that the Office of the president of these United States has refused to uphold the long held tradition of past presidents in giving recognition to our National Day of Prayer; and

WHEREAS, deeply disturbed that the Office of the president of these United States disregards the biblical admonitions to live clean and pure lives by proclaiming an entire month to an immoral behavior;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we the undersigned elected officials of the people of Oklahoma, religious leaders and citizens of the State of Oklahoma, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world, solemnly declare that the HOPE of the great State of Oklahoma and of these United States, rests upon the Principles of Religion and Morality as put forth in the HOLY BIBLE.

As a bit of background info, I found on her Oklahoma web site that she is married to Dr. Stephen D. Kern, a Southern Baptist minister. She is a member, bible teacher, and member of the choir of the Olivet Baptist Church where her husband is the pastor.

Digging a little deeper, I found that the couple have a gay son, Jerry, described on one blog as the "biggest queen on campus" at the Oklahoma Baptist University. How inconvenient that must have been. Not so!! The couple, in a shinning example of christian love, have disowned their son. How sad is that??

I'll bet the pastor at my last church would be surprised to learn that he has engaged in debauchery (right along with those gays!!) for divorcing his wife.

Sad, very sad.

Friday, June 26, 2009

They go in threes!!

Edward Leo Peter McMahon


Farrah Leni Fawcett


Michael Joseph Jackson


Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 20, 2009
The federal government has spent nearly half a million dollars to fund a study to find out why some men would prefer not to wear condoms during sex. Duh???

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded a $423,500 grant to researchers at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

The Bloomington, Ind., based research team will use the funding to study "barriers to correct condom use," according to a release from the institute.

"This project aims to advance our understanding of, among other factors, the role of cognitive and affective processes and condom application skills in explaining problems with condom use in young, heterosexual adult men," reads an excerpt of the study, which will be funded through May 2011.

Now I don't exactly know what that last paragraph means, but I wonder if they need an extra lab rat???

Today, along with being Father's Day, is the Summer Solstice or first day of summer. It is also known as Alban Heflin, Alben Heruin, All-couples day, Feast of Epona, Feast of St. John the Baptist, Feill-Sheathain, Gathering Day, Johannistag, Litha, Midsummer, Sonnwend, Thing-Tide, and Vestalia.

Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days get longer, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still. It is in fact, the longest day of the year and the shortest night.

On June 18th, a Republican Senator used his power to put a "hold" on a Senate Resolution originally introduced by U.S. Senators Jeanne Shaneen (D-NH), Barbara Boxer (D-Ca), and Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) condemning violence against women's health providers, thereby blocking any vote on the resolution. Senators apparently have the power to do this anonymously and with out an explanation.

Senate Resolution 187;

Whereas Dr. George Tiller of Wichita, Kansas, was shot to death at church on Sunday, May 31;

Whereas there is a history of violence against providers of reproductive health care, as health care employees have suffered threats and hostility in order to provide crucial services to patients;

Whereas the threat or use of force or physical obstruction has been used to injure, intimidate, or interfere with individuals seeking to obtain or provide health care services; and

Whereas acts of violence are never an acceptable means of expression and always shall be condemned:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the Senate— (1) Expresses great sympathy for the family, friends and patients of Dr. George Tiller; (2) Recognizes that acts of violence should never be used to prevent women from receiving reproductive health care; and (3) Condemns the use of violence as a means of resolving differences of opinion.

Republican Senators objected to the resolution from the start, urging it's sponsors to eliminate references to reproductive health.

So... does it follow logically then that Republican Senators, in not condemning those who chose to use violence (even murder) against centers that provide reproductive health services, are in fact supporting those acts???


Friday, June 19, 2009

While I don't usually comment on politicians, or anyone else for that matter, who are found to be having an extra-marital affair, the story of Senator John Ensign, (R) Nevada, and his affair with staff aid Cindy Hampton will be an exception. I only feel compelled to comment because of the hypocrisy displayed here.

You see, Senator Ensign was a big opponent of the same-sex marriage controversy. He is quoted as saying, "marriage is an extremely important institution in this country and protecting it is, in my mind, worth the extraordinary step of amending our constitution."


It would seem that the good senator was also quite vocal in demanding President Clinton's resignation for what was it??? Oh yea, an extra-marital affair with an aide.


What's the old saying?? Practice what you preach.

P.S. Senator Ensign says he will not resign from his position of trust as the senator for the good state of Nevada.

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — The bride wore white _ and a face mask. A Chicago couple married in surgical masks and latex gloves Sunday after learning less than 48 hours before that they both had swine flu. Ilana Jackson and Jeremy Fierstien went ahead with the ceremony after doctors assured them guests wouldn't be at serious risk.

But to be sure, the 26-year-olds kept a 10-foot distance from family and friends at all times, even walking around the gathering instead of down the aisle at a Highland Park synagogue.

Jackson says they'd joked about swine flu after both experienced vomiting, achy limbs and fever. But they never thought they really had it.

She says the circumstances were unfortunate but that they took it in stride.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My grandson Ethan the fisherman!!
Ever heard the story about the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo? Me to. But until today I had never been able to see it.

If you look at the white space between the E and the X you will see the hidden arrow. Cool huh!!! OK, maybe not.

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Paul McCartney who turns 67 years old today. One of two still living members of "The Beatles", Paul is still out performing today.

I have to admit Paul was always my favorite!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


West Burlington, Iowa
June 13, 2009

WEST BURLINGTON, Iowa (June 13) - An umpire has emptied the stands at a high school baseball game, ejecting the entire crowd of more than 100 fans for being unruly.

Umpire Don Briggs said he had no problem with any of the student athletes during Thursday's game between Winfield-Mount Union and West Burlington. He said he had to take action because fans were being unruly, yelling and arguing.

However, West Burlington Superintendent James Sleister said he didn't see any unusual behavior and said he thought the umpire overreacted.

This story caught my attention because of the many unruly fans I have seen while attending little league games with Josh and Brian and soccer games with Brian.

I remember watching one of Brian's soccer games at the University of California at Irvine when a fan ran out onto the field and punched the ref in the face over a call he made. The police responded later and took a battery report.

I also remember a time when Josh was pretty new in little league and playing for the royals at Barranca park in Covina. A father in the stands was mad because the manager wasn't playing his son as he thought he should. Words were exchanged between the manager who was in the dugout and the father who was in the stands behind the dugout. At one point the manager challenged the father to "go out in the parking lot and handling it man to man". Both men actually started to move towards the parking lot before cooler heads intervened.

People are so fun to watch. And sometimes they're not!!

Last Wednesday I went to the Bally's Gym in Riverside. I get on a Life Cycle exercise bike to do my 45 minutes. There is a guy on the bike next to me and he is pedaling to beat the band. (that means fast for those of you who may have never heard of this colloquialism)

This rider is about 20 years old. He is about 6' tall and weighs about 170 lbs. He appears to be in very good shape. His sandy blond hair is short and trimmed nicely. I notice that he has a thin face and chiseled jaw. He is wearing a light green long sleeve shirt, matching gym shorts, and running shoes.

I notice that his long sleeve shirt is soaked with sweat all down his back and down both sleeves. This doesn't surprise me as I also end up with a soaked shirt from 45 minutes of riding the bike. But I bring a large towel, fold it in half, and drape it across the handle bars so that it catches the sweat from my hands and arms and the sweat that drips from my nose and chin. No big deal.

I also notice that sweat is running from his sleeves to his hands, onto the handlebars of the bike, down the base of the bike, and forming a puddle on the floor. He doesn't appear to have a towel, which is required of all members when they work out.

So I am riding along trying to mind my own business when the guy next to me finishes his ride. So I'm wondering to myself whether he is going to clean up his mess. He reaches down to the floor and picks up a backpack and starts to walk away, without making any effort to clean up after himself.

Now you have to understand that there is now sweat on the handlebars, the face of the machine, down the base, and puddled on the floor on both sides of the bike. Gross!!! I used to run on the treadmill at the P.D. and Commander Fields used to ride the bike and get it soaked just like this guy. When confronted, the commander would just shrug it off and say "it will dry". Gross!!!

So... I looked him square in the eyes and asked, "aren't you going to clean up your mess?" The look on his face was shock and it stopped him in his tracks.

He didn't say a word. He opened his backpack and removed a towel. (Great place for it!!) He took a couple of swipes at the face of the machine, a couple more at the seat, and walked away.

Now I thought about saying something else, but thought I had made my point. I had to wonder who cleans up after him at home. Will this intervention change his behavior?? I doubt it. Do I feel better having at least said something to the jerk. Definitely!!
Happy Birthday wishes go out to Tim Allen, Aka, "Tim the Tool Man Taylor" who turns 56 years old today. (Just a young guy!!) Timothy Allen Dick was born in Denver, Colorado, but moved to the Detroit Michigan area when his mother remarried after his father's death in a car accident. Tim attended, but did not graduate, from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo where he studied music and theater. Tim Allen is married to actress Jane Hajduk and they have a daughter. He also has a daughter from a previous marriage.

Tim Allen started his career as a stand up comic at the "Comedy Store" in Los Angeles. This led to appearances on the local late-night talk shows. He rose to fame with the series "Home Improvement" where he was "Tim the Tool Man Taylor". The series ran from 1991 to 1999. In 1995, Tim won a Golden Globe Award for "Best Actor in a Television Series - Musical or Comedy". "Tool Time" can still be seen in reruns a couple times a day today. It is a Ferguson family favorite!!

Another Ferguson Family favorite are the " Santa Clause" movies. Tim Allen has written two books, "Don't Stand Too Close to a Naked Man" (why haven't I read this??) and "I'm not Really Here".

I find it interesting that much of his "Tool Time" persona is true in his real life as well. He talks a lot about cars and racing on the show and in real life he formed the Saleen/Allen "RRR" racing team with professional race car driver Bob Bondurant. The team races Saleen Mustangs in the SCCA World Challenge and Tim is one of the drivers.

Tim is currently working on sequels to his movies "Wild Hogs" and "Toy Story" both due out in 2010.


Bellevue, Neb.
June 11, 2009 8:59 PM

Bellevue abortion provider Dr. Leroy Carhart said he will begin training his staff to perform late-term abortions. Until now, Carhart had performed late-term abortions only at Dr. George Tiller's clinic in Wichita, Kan. Tiller was shot and killed at his church 12 days ago, and Tiller's family said it plans to close the clinic.

Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning, a longtime abortion opponent, said he wasn't happy about Carhart's plans. "I'm disgusted and I'm saddened, and I hate it that he's here in Nebraska and I hate it that he's in America," Bruning said. "I mean, this guy is one sick individual."

Oh man, how long before some pro-life nut job tries to kill this doctor?