Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Happy Birthday wishes go out to actress Lauren Holly who turns 52 years young today.

Lauren is married and has three sons.  She was once married to comedian Jim Carrey. 

She is a favorite in our house because of her rolls in "Up Periscope" and NCIS.

Her career started with on the soap "All My Children" in 1986. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween is coming!!
As soon as I saw this picture, I knew I had to write something to honor those who served in my generation.  I have to admit the last two lines make me cry every time I read them. 

Vietnam Wall of Honor

Their lives were all cut tragically short, by a bullet or a bomb,
Oh so many many years ago, in a place called Vietnam.
A hot and nasty jungle war, many sent against their will,
“One year and a wake up” was a draftee’s bill to fill.

The battle plan was simple; to fight back the great red scare,
The commies will be at our door, if we don’t stop them there.
Scorch the earth, destroy that village, don’t leave anyone alive,
Bomb the place to kingdom come so America can survive.

Many would have been teachers, doctors and lawyers too,
Each one had the spark of life, with dreams like me and you.
But when a bullet found its mark, their lives brought to an end,
Sent home in a plain pine box, only families will attend.

Some came home in pieces, others looked quite unscathed,
Suffering from the horrors of war, their psyche can’t be saved.
Today Vets lead a shallow life; their spark seems to be dimmed,
Part of them left far behind in a jungle damp and grim.

The Vietnam Wall stands tall today, a dark and silent reminder,
To honor those brave men and women who died in that meat grinder.
Leaning against the wall in tears, where his buddy’s names engraved,
A Vet whispers quietly, “Miss ya man.”  A warrior’s love displayed.
--Ken Ferguson--

Friday, October 23, 2015


A crisp cool breeze caresses my face
As I stroll along the tree lined river bank.
Dry leaves of gold and brown crunch
beneath my feet as I meander along.
Squirrels scurry about from tree to tree
making preparations for the winter ahead.

A thick grey fog rolls in off the river,
shrouding the valley in its eerie silence.
The earth’s tears leave moisture on my face,
as it mourns the end of its season of growth,
laments the completion of the harvest,
and contemplates a long winter’s slumber. 

I sit heavily upon an empty wooden bench over looking
the river as it rushes by.  We too have seasons.
Each season arrives fresh and new, and presents
     Its own set of challenges,
     its own possibility of change,
     its own death and rejuvenation.
Like the seasons, we continue on, facing each new chapter
of our lives with renewed hope for better days, both for ourselves,
and for those around us.

I get up from the bench and wipe the dampness
from my jacket. I jam my hands into my pockets as
I turn and walk towards home. I see geese flying overhead,
habitually heading south for the protection of warmer climates. 
The sun is setting earlier in the evenings now, and there is a chill
in the air.  Perhaps a pumpkin spice latte is in my near future?
Perhaps indeed. 
--Ken Ferguson--

Monday, October 19, 2015

I have to say, when I saw this photograph it spoke to me. All those books! Waiting to be read. I have a Kindle app on my ipad, but there is nothing better than holding a book, opening the cover, and breathing in the smell of it's pages. Especially old books. So,as has been my practice, I had to write.

The Whisper of the Books

Shhhsh!  Can you hear them? 
The books!
They’re calling out to me. 
Whispering my name.
Begging for my attention.
Pleading for an audience.

Shhhsh!  Can you hear them? 
The books!
Each one has a story to tell,
a tidbit of information to share,
a morsel of data to divulge,
dare I say; a tasty fiction to impart.

Shhsh!  Can you hear them?
The Books!
Their siren song of longing,
To entertain and seduce,
To beguile and inform,
Indeed, to educate and satiate.

Shhhsh!  Can you hear them?
The books!
--Ken Ferguson--