Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Take one for the team!

The Dead Poet's Society

I went through a few "dark" hours on our recent trip to Vegas. Karen left me alone and went shopping. I started this poem then and finished it today.This poem doesn't reflect my current condition, so you don't have to call 9-1-1 or send firemen to my house. 

The Darkness

The darkness hovers over me,
I'm drowning in despair.
Desperately fighting to be free,
Gasping to get air.

The darkness knows I cannot win,
It's useless to resist.
Takin' prisoner once again,
I surely won't be missed.

I'm in a panic, can't you see,
I'm frantic to get out.
Fight or flight takes over me,
I'm darting all about.

I'm in a sweat, I cannot think,
The room begins to spin.
Edging closer to the brink,
My condition looking grim.

I've got to run, I want to hide,
I can't find my composure.
Darkness with me stride for stride,
Delight in my exposure.

Restroom near, an isle of hope,
So in the stall I cower.
I'll catch my breath and try to cope,
Be out within the hour.

It's done at last, I took some drugs,
The darkness finally lifted.
I’m on my feet, could use some hugs,
Or maybe be committed. 

Ken Ferguson

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I just discovered a form of poetry called acrostic poetry. In acrostic poetry the first letter of the word that begins a line spells out a word.  So I thought I would have a little fun with The Beatles.  The poem is made up of the titles of Beatles songs which are underlined. 

Ladies and Gentlemen - The Beatles

T   There’s a Place where only Beatle fans can Slow Down, whenever
H   Help is needed with All My Lovin’.  Moreover,
E   Eleanor Rigby could never Drive My Car under the cover.

B   Because it will be a Hard Day’s Night, extended to well over
E   Eight Days a Week, before Lovely Rita will discover
A   All You Need is Love.  I have learned from Lucille however
T   This Boy wants to Shout because She’s leaving Home. Remember
L   Let It Be.   If I Fell, I’m Down, but I’ll Be Back and I Feel Fine. Consider
E   Every Little Thing done on Penny Lane will echo forever,
S   She Loves You Ya, Ya, Ya, Ya.

Ken Ferguson

Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Jetsons aired originally from 1962 - 1963.

Back in the day, cars had more front seat room and your girl could cozy up to you while you cruised.  That looks like a three-speed on the column, which were fun to drive.  And drive-in movies....

Happy Birthday wishes go out to Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman who turned 69 years old yesterday.

Rickman has been with his partner Rima Horton since 1965.  They don't have any children.

Rickman once co-owned a graphic design studio named "Graphiti" and worked there for three successful years.

He is popular at our house for his roles as the Sheriff of Nottingham in "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves", the villain Hans Gruber in "Die Hard", and as Severus Snape in the "Harry Potter" movies

Karen and I are all set for our Spring Training trip to Phoenix in March.  We're going the weekend of March 13th thru the 16th.  We're going to see a Dodgers game on Friday evening, a Arizona Coyote's hockey game on Saturday evening, and an Angels vs White Sox game at the Dodger spring training stadium on Sunday afternoon.  The Dodgers and White Sox share Camelback Ranch.  Should be a great weekend!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Ol’ Leather Journal

I can feel the warmth emanating from the familiar leather cover,
I trace my fingers along the rich fullness of its supple form.
Many a delicious secret lies within; about a trusted friend or lover.
My personal agonies are detailed from many a torturous storm?

Slowly, I untie the weathered straps that bind its pages,
The sturdy cover aches to be thrown open to reveal my ravaged past.
I pause to embrace the sorted evidence of my life and its stages,
Grossly played out on life’s stage with a beleaguered cast.

I reverently open the stitched cover revealing the passions roiling within,
I feel its yielding body shudder from the unexpected exposure.
Pen to paper pricks the texture of the sacred paper once again,
As another chapter of my life is documented for enclosure.

Ken Ferguson
Happy birthday to my grandson Jonah who turned 1 today.