Monday, April 11, 2016

Trans Fears

She was born a he you see,
As precious a babe as one can be.
And as she grew no one suspected,
And no defects could be detected.

Her thinking changed as you will see,
It wasn’t her choice most definitely.
She had the body of other boys,
But didn’t like their army toys.

She asked to play with dolls you see,
Her parents balked at all her pleas.
She longed to play with girls her age,
But they teased her so, you know that stage.

She asked to wear a dress you see,
Her parents refused most frightfully.
She shaved her legs and grew her hair,
Even after her father yelled don’t you dare.

She grew to be a teen you see,
And began to dress more effeminately,
Dad kicked her out said don’t come back,
He didn’t even give her time to pack.

She lived in a Christian state you see,
The law makers just wouldn’t let her be.
She was in the men’s room wearing a dress
When a drunken red neck took offense.

She was trapped sitting in the stall you see,
As he kicked and punched most viciously.
The coroner said it was blunt force trauma,
That brought an end to her lifelong drama.

It wasn’t a matter of choice you see,
For him to want to be a she.
Life shouldn’t have to be so cruel,
If love one another is the golden rule.

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

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