Monday, September 5, 2016

Colin’s Callin’

Heads are exploding,
Tempers are rising.
A black man has spoken,
Why is that surprising?

Wants equal rights,
For one and for all.
A simple cause really,
Let’s answer the call.

But many resist,
Their minds are a flippin’.
Take him to the wood shed,
And give him a whippin’.

Many offer support,
Free speech is his right.
On-duty military,
Jump into the fight.

Another voice heard,
Gays join in the mix.
Equal rights for all,
Won’t be an easy fix.

The President speaks,
Of “legitimate issues.”
Racist’s heads burst,
More hatred ensues.

It’s not just about blacks,
But for women and the poor.
Minorities and religions,
And so many more.

Votes unabated,
Equal education for all.
Health care for women,
And justice for all.

Today is the day,
And now is the time.
Let’s answer his call,
Equal rights in our time.

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

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