Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Yesterday I did some sight seeing in Northern Minnesota.Virginia, Minnesota, is where I lived from kindergarten to fifth grade.  Below is a photo I took yesterday of my old elementary school, Lincoln School.  It now houses a law firm.  I remembered it as being bigger.  LOL

Right after I took this photo it started to rain.  I found a McDonald's to hole up in for awhile.  My old neighborhood is old and run down.  The actual house I lived in has been torn down.  The last time I was here I learned there had been a meth lab in it so they tore it down.

The business next door to my old house is now an insurance office.  It was a funeral home when I lived here.  The high school looks the same, as does the Presbyterian church around the corner.  The old shirt factory where I used to sell newspapers after school is now a county office. 

I left Virginia and headed south to Duluth.  This is the aerial bridge that Duluth is famous for.  It was 58 degrees and the wind was howling off of Lake Superior when I took this.  There were big waves moving through the canal there to the left. 

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