Friday, October 14, 2016


We tie their shoes,
And wipe their nose,
And kiss their boo boos too.
We pick them up,
And dust them off,
And hope they live to two.

We laugh and cry,
At all they do,
In good times and in bad.
And when they cry,
At 2:00 am,
It’s time to elbow dad.

They’re off to school,
Before you know it,
They don’t even turn and look.
Then it’s the PTA,
Or construction paper,
To strain the pocket book.

It’s marching band,
Or color guard,
Each evening has a chore.
Grab your coat,
And a bite to eat,
Before heading out the door.

It’s driving lessons,
And home coming dances,
And home work up the kazoo.
Before you know it,
They’re in cap and gown,
And their childhood is through.

So what do you get,
When all’s said and done?
Two great kids - Kelly and Corey,
Two loving adults,
About to join,
In holy matrimony.

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

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