Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Grizzly Death
Its grizzly death wasn’t shocking after all.
Anyone with 20/20 vision should have seen
it coming.  I did. 

All the glaring warning signs were present.
Anyone with a passing interest should have
known.  I feared.

Like a runaway train in an old time
movie.  I couldn’t stem the tide
or stop the inevitable.  I tried.

In the process it ripped out my heart.
Seeing the final death rattle of the
languishing corpse.  I wept.

Perhaps its death will cause a new
beginning. A season of renewed growth
and a blue print for the future.  I hope.

Meanwhile, I stand by with guarded
anticipation.  Aching in my soul for
a bright new tomorrow.   I pray. 

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

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