Sunday, August 27, 2017

“Midnight in Paris”

Gil Pender’s adventure,
A lost writer’s plight.
An escape from reality,
oh what a delight.

We'll hop in the jalopy,
Not another to be found.
There’s Zelda and Scott,
And champagne all around.

We'll dance to the Charleston,
Or sing with Josephine.
Cole Porter at the piano,
Completing the scene.

We’ll drop in on Gertrude,
Picasso's in a snit.
Over a painting of Adriana,
That’s sure to be a hit.

We’ll drink with ol’ Papa,
And chat with Thomas Mann.
Talk rhinos with Dali,
As only he can.

 We'll stroll in the rain,
With Gabrielle by our side.
Love and romance,
As always, our guide.

Paris in the 20’s,
A dream to be sure.
“The City of Lights,”
Packed full of allure.

A film for the ages,
Is sure to enthrall.
A dalliance for the writer,
Pedantics one and all.

--Ken Ferguson--
Artista di Parole

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