Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saturday afternoon the Dodger game was televised on ESPN from Detroit.  It was a Detroit Tigers feed and the announcers were old friends Dick Enberg and Kirk Gibson.  It was a real pleasure listening to the two of them, low key and very informative. 

Dick Enberg, of "oh my" fame, was once the voice of the UCLA Bruins basketball team in the Lew Alcindor - Bill Walton eras. I remember watching tape delays on channel 11 at 11:00 pm and him calling the games.  Enberg has broadcast all the sports, starting out with the Indiana Hoosiers basketball games.  He was fixture in Los Angeles for many years doing the Rams and Angels games.

Of course Kirk Gibson hit the famous home run in the 1988 world series against Oakland reliever Dennis Eckersle. It was his only hit in the series, but it lead to the Dodgers last world series win.  Gibson, born in Michigan, led the Michigan State Spartans to a tie for the Big Ten championship as a wide receiver.  He was drafted by the Tigers and led them a win in the 1984 world series.  He was a coach and manager before becoming a color analyst for the Tigers.

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